Basic tips for planning a wine tour


Do you love wine and are thinking of doing a wine tour and do not know where to start. Such a trip is not like any vacation, one needs to consider several things, ask themselves certain questions and plan well. Some of the aspects one needs to plan are which region and area they would like to visit? What activities would they like to engage in? Do they want a private tasting or is group tasting fine? Below are some basic tips to help plan a wine tour.

Planning a wine tour


Consider the region you want to visit

To begin with, consider the region that you would like to visit. Wineries are located in one of the most exotic, renowned place in the world. These areas have beautiful sceneries and rich cultures that one can learn and discover. Decide whether you want to do a local winery tour or an international one and make a list of places you would want to visit.

Season when to visit

One also needs to determine the season they plan to take the tour. There are certain times of the year that are peak seasons for wineries and a lot of visitors tour. As a part of a group, one will need to keep up the pace with the rest of the members of the tour team. However, if you want to take your time as you enjoy the wine visit and chat with the winemakers, then you may need to consider going during the off-season.

Type of winery to visit

Another aspect to ask oneself is the type of winery they would like to visit. First, it is essential to limit oneself to the number of wineries that one intends to visit in a day in order to get the best and full experience. Secondly, do you want to visit a family-owned winery, a reputable winery in the region or a prestigious winery? Most prestigious wineries are off limits to the public, but there are a few luxury wine tour agents who can arrange tours and exclusive access to such wineries.

Activities to engage in

cxdjkdsjdkdsjkdjkFinally, consider if there are activities that you would like to engage in while on the wine tour aside from wine tasting. This could be to visit attraction sites, engage in activities like hiking or picnicking or animal and bird watching. It is advisable to research ahead to plan on this activities and have an itinerary.

With the above basic tips, one is ready to plan for their wine tour. Ensure to get a good wine tour agent to work with to get the best experience of your tour.…